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Music Press Release

What is a press release?

Press release – this is a briefing for the press, no more than half a page of text, possibly with 1-2 photos.
The purpose of the music press release – build and maintain a certain image of the group in the eyes of society.
What is a press release needs that may require?

pressreleaseDistribution of press releases to the media and the Internet – one of the directions of “promotion” of a musical project.
Pluses of the publication in the media are obvious: you can not buy with money advertising that will bring you the same results as you mention in the news of various media. People perceive the news is not so, as advertising – good feedback about the group in the press to get hard.

Music press releases are 2 types:

1. press release, which tells about the group. It may be necessary to every music portals and encyclopedias, as a way to give general information about yourself and your team. This press release is sometimes similar to the history of the group. However, remember that the history of the group – is something more detailed and long, but the press release – this is something short, highly informative and easy to read. Only wedged fans and very interested people can read through the history of the group until the end, while the press release is able to swallow each.
2. Press release on the events taking place with the group. This article focuses on just such press releases.

How to write a musical press release

The structure of the literate musical press release is as follows (and design in this case plays a very important role):

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How To Behave On The Stage

sceneStage Fright

Today I will touch on the subject, stirring all the artists, without exception – the fear of the scene. Everyone, absolutely every musician or an artist – even a professional, and actively tours – nervous before going on stage. This is quite a natural phenomenon – all the emotions of people exposed to varying degrees. The question is how to deal with those emotions and how to send them in the right direction. How not to overwhelm you and do not allow a break in the fear, panic?

Everyone knows that with praktiktikoy speeches comes experience, and many people resort to over the years proven tricks, tricks, techniques, saving them in a difficult moment. There is no doubt needed a certain amount of artistry and skill, to appear on stage at ease and relaxed, but such is the business, and if you feel that it’s too hard – just do not do. For those who are confident of success, no obstacles.

Imagine the following situation – you stand in front of the stage and after five minutes of your output. In the hall of many people and everyone will scan you for at least the first two songs. What emotions tear you in this moment? Many need only submit a picture of the blood begins to boil the adrenaline rush. In her heart aches in the legs comes a feeling of weakness, and in my throat all dry so that it is difficult even to speak, let alone sing.Familiar? Read more – worse. At the time of your output comes panic. You could hardly move my feet began nauseated, from the hands of almost falls out guitar (or, tambourine), you do not see anything and spotykayass on the drums or the microphone cord, dropping the. The audience, naturally, begins to laugh, and you run away in shame to throw yourself into the nearest toilet. :) Well I was just kidding, of course.

Most of it ends banal by standing “as a pillar, clutching the microphone in the white knuckles and bellowing something unintelligible in the key that will obstruct identify himself Beethoven.

As someone who has gone through something similar, I will say so – not a pleasant feeling. Now, looking back, I realize how much has been done in order to get rid of stage fright. However, I completely failed and would never … and thank God! Why?

The fact is that the excitement that we experience before going out – this is a manifestation of energy, which overwhelms us. It should send it in the right direction, and you’re on horseback, is to succumb to it and let things take their course – and you’re in trouble. Only when I saw it, and it started to progress, and what you will, by the way, I wish.

Now I’m still worried about performances, but this fear allows me to use the adrenaline rush to be up for things I can not in a normal, calm state. Now, for example, to make high-quality recording at home, I have to shake yourself emotionally, it seems that I address to get the necessary momentum.
Three things are necessary for successful performance

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15 Tips For Success On The Stage!

1. Remember that you were on the scene in the first place for the viewer – so, speaking, think about it, try to convey to him his music. For myself, you will have time to play in rehearsal.

2. Get ready for the speech very carefully – should be considered and songs, and your appearance. You should always be a theme of the concert. For example, at the memorial event will be ridiculous to execute something funny.

3. Rehearse and learn 100% of his speech. Sheet music, chords, and other technical part should be you “on the machine, and when speaking you should concentrate on the emotional side.

4. Communicate with the audience, show the audience what you play for them! Nobody likes carotid and calloused musicians who come just to show a cool room and go home.Furthermore – these simply do not remember!

5. Feel the mood of the room and adapt to it or manage them. If the audience cheered during a speech the previous group, he will dance and during your speech, if you bother to adjust their program. If the viewer is tired, cheer his songs and provocative remarks.

6. Always look on the audience. In the words of a person’s face can easily read it relate to your statement – and this is very well seen it from the stage.

7. Do not copy anybody, be charismatic, as difficult as it may seem at first. Create some sort of “chip” on the stage, which will be characteristic only of you – and then the viewer distinguish your group from the hundreds of similar.

8. Be prepared for an ungrateful audience. At any concert could happen that the audience simply not the caliber to applaud. For example, young viewers are unlikely to appreciate your playing technique and very long solo, and pensioners will not applaud alternative music.

9. Remember – in the cover-versions does not go far! Want to be really popular – writing his own hits!

10. Do not panic on the stage when, during a concert with other musicians – constant technical issues, and you are sure that you, too, something will break. The fear in his voice and shaking hands – it is much worse than fonyaschy microphone.

11. Value our reputation! Do not act on questionable activities and those under whose format you are not eligible. Is never easy to make – that’s what rehearsals.

12. Before the performance of the maximum concentrate. It is important that the stage in your head, except in the mood for success and a good game, there was nothing else.

13. Image – half the success. On stage, you should always look different on the 100, and all 150%! Above all, the clothes were suitable for color and clean.

14. Be prepared for surprises after the performance – good and bad. You may request an autograph, commend the statement, or just swear.

15. Continuing Enrich your concert repertoire with new works, new chips, look for unexpected moves. Do not be identical from the concert in the concert – it’s boring.Viewers go to concerts to see and hear something new, unexpected for itself. So Enjoy Them!