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Modern Techno Life in Tokyo


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Modern Techno Life in Tokyo

Modern Architecture

Image by Stuck in Customs

Daily Photo – Modern Techno Life in Tokyo
What happens in hyper-techno places like Japan and Korea seem to be the techno-canaries in the coal mine for the future of technology and behavior in the west. Several years ago, almost everyone walked around their ultra modern-cities with their heads buried in their mobile phones.

Read more of this entry, including the announcement of a new print, at the blog at Stuck in Customs.

Modern office architecture

Modern Architecture

Image by foliosus

Modern office architecture

15 Responses to “ Modern Techno Life in Tokyo ”

  1. Sharky_MB Says:

    They are all hiding in a virtual world playing karaokes after work?
    If that is a progress, I would rather be with my family, playing on a grass.

  2. gatorgalpics Says:

    Your HDR really gives this scene that techno-silver feel.
    Excellent, as always.

  3. susan_r4 Says:

    Cool shot – interesting discussion on your web page too regarding life there!

  4. the|shadowboxer Says:

    Wow. Something to aspire to and dream of!

  5. visualideas Says:


  6. dustinsapenga Says:

    loving the motion blur of the man walking with the umbrella.

  7. Sprengben [why not get a friend] Says:

    Good Photo and an intersting point of view.
    Have a nice monday

  8. عيد مبارك by Camless Photography - Sajjad Says:


  9. smee.bruce Says:

    Super image . . splash of colour and the detail are great!
    Regards, Bruce.

  10. F-StopScott Says:

    I love this photo.

  11. A | M Says:

    great shot!!

  12. *Sefora* Says:

  13. Daniel Gotz Says:

    This is superb, Trey!

  14. fourdollared Says:

    Really cool shot!

  15. dome_m Says:


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